Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) continues to be a major driver in streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency across many businesses today. Companies realize the multitude of benefits that can be derived by transferring non-core activities to more specialized organizations.

BPO allows you to off load your non-core business processes so that you can focus on those things that are key to your business. KindaMed Systems provides outsourcing services for processes such as:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR services
  • Training & Learning services
  • Document Management services
  • Marketing and Promotional services
  • Warehousing & Distribution services
  • Etc….

Our Services

Outsourcing in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly being transformed. Traditionally, pharmaceutical organizations tended to adopt a single, similar strategy; to develop and produce all products internally, design appropriate brand plans and marketing strategies to target customers, and deploy sales teams to try and raise awareness across the health care community and potentially offer patients the best therapeutic responses to their conditions.

This goal is made possible through a fully trained and committed sales team which should be intimately familiar with their target customers.

Whether your strategy is a complete or partial outsourcing of your sales force, or if your strategy requires temporary augmentation to your existing sales team, KindaMed Systems can help in bringing you closer to your clients. KindMed's sales force sizing experience will assist in determining what the optimal team size and structure should be set to help with your short and long term development goals.

Pharma Sales Force Outsourcing

The deployment of a sales force is not to flood a given customer or sector with the largest number of representatives, on the contrary, as many recent studies show, the most efficient and successful sales teams are the smallest entity teams. Sales force deployment requires a holistic analysis of your customer(s), internal resources and overall cost of operations, in order to ensure that the right representative is sent to the right customer at the right time.

KindaMed can be your ideal sales force outsourcing partner! Why?

KindaMed Systems handles the selection, recruitment, and deployment of medical representatives (who meet the respective health product's promotion requirements), in addition to their everyday coaching and motivation to meet and exceed both quantitative and qualitative goals. KindaMed Systems will work with you on selecting the representative(s) that will best fit your specific promotional needs.

Finally, all of our colleagues are equipped with innovative work tools to reach, to convince and to retain target customers.

Innovative Work Base

KindaMed Systems provides its partner exclusive networks of medical representatives' visits as well as most innovative set of tools and materials:

  • Smart Phone with Internet and voice access
  • Optimal Database

    Customer Relationship and Sales Force Automation Tool that helps in addressing the following:

      • A proper overview of the multidimensional Lebanese Medical System.
      • An optimal segmentation of the healthcare environment and medical system.
      • Optimal deployment of sales forces.

    Also, the tool can help in targeting specific populations based upon:

      • Gender
      • Age
      • Specialty
      • Trend (parent compound, generics, price, innovation, Value Rx ...)
      • Place of work (City Hospital, Rural Hospital, Institution, residence type …)
      • Type of activity
      • Potential
      • Reception mode
      • Profile of patients

These data types are exclusive toKindaMed Systems and are placed at your disposal to help in more effectively reaching your target audience.

  • Customer Relationship Management

A tool to help better understand your specific customer needs, as well manage your interactions with them more comprehensively: 

    • Better knowledge of the target audience.
    • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.
    • Personalized customer service.
    • Better management of customer demands.

All data can be exploited to provide a general overview of the targeted customers.

The use of these data enables us having an appropriate strategy to follow with our customers.

  • ETMS (Electronic Territory Management System)

The ETMS allows the sales manager to generate a quick and informational analysis of the activity of a field sales team; it also helps audit:

    • The productivity of each medical representative.
    • The performance of a visiting team of medical representatives.
    • The contribution of visits by region.
    • Targets visited.
    • The doctors visited by potential, by type of exercises.
    • The weight of the medical visit.

The productivity of the sales force is reviewed daily, analyzed weekly and can systematically be compared across several periods of time.

A detailed report on the performance of the teams is provided to our pharmaceutical partners on a monthly basis.

  • Continuous Education Program.
  • Motivation and loyalty program to our employees.
  • A management team dedicated exclusively to each network.

Recruitment Service

Recruiting sales representatives / medical representatives / pharmaceuticals and sales supervisors is a key element to the success of our mission. As a service provider, KindaMed Systems employs rigorous and systematic recruiting processes. 

Methodology and experience to serve your requirements

KindaMed Systems are experts in profiles needed to this sector due to long experience in this field and our selection processes are based on the below criteria:

    • Strong personality
    • Leadership and managerial sense
    • Strong motivation and ambition
    • Active listening
    • Developed sense of customer relationship
    • Integrity
    • Teamwork

KindaMed Systems can respond promptly to your needs of sales teams because we have a resume database which is updated regularly.